[MS.MASSACRE] owns your ass.

well. i think i'm the coolest person on the whole planet. not kiddin.I've been told I kick some major ass & I have to say I agree. I am pretty damn rad. and I have a brain up there. So, i'm a smart as. Jen & znarf ,are my best friends, get over it. and i'll never talk to u if you're ugly. i just wanna hang out with cool people. and no, i'm not cocky or bitchy. i tell the truth & u know, truth hurts. get in good with me little arse or i eat ur' fingers. and broke ur neck. juuust kiddin hun. but i don't like annoying people. there like aww' wtf, stfu. most of my clothes come from h&m. i marry h&m one day :] if i could, maybe ;o if u accept me, i can be like the nicest person on the planet. i fear denial sometimes. soo don't hurt me because i have emotions. i like hugs & kisses. sooo free hugs, bebe. sometimes i carry on conversations with myself.
yees. don't laugh. haha. I'll never understand anything dealing with math. I'd probably have a heartattack if I ever met oli sykes, brendon urie or sonny moore. i love them. no joke. I love to hear "hip hop guys" talk makes me laugh soo friggen' much :b u know stuff like: auf jeden, hood & stuff. it's so hilarious. I orgasm over little scene kids. I'm not gonna lie. If you don't know what the words straight edge, moshpit means please read wikipedia, or google. But, btw i'm not straight edge, bby. and i'll never be. I hate little kids, who need attention the whole time. Maybe you think, i'm felt in love with myself.
hum, your mom does. i'll move to london or cali, because i hate living in germany, the people here drivin me insane. yupp and i really hate the place where i live, only idiots. btw not everyone. because there are some losers i really love. without them i'm nothing.
lool just kiddin, without them i'm pretty much hawt as.
i mostly listen to grindcore, hardcore, metal core, death metal, screamo, spastcore & stuff like this. and pls i am not emo, don't call me emo. call me scene or something, but never ever emo because - i am not. :] and at the end i'm just a kid & life is a nightmare.

people love me & i don't know why
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myspace: /fuqq_of_barbie
msn: labellos@hotmail.de
icq: ask for it.

hum don't say thanks for the add, i didn't add you :]!


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